Dec. 2 To The Editor:

NH has the highest in-the-nation rates of pediatric, esophageal, breast and bladder cancer and an alarmingly high rate of pancreatic cancer in the Seacoast area in NH. According to the 2018 American Cancer Society Facts and Figures Report, NH has estimated 8,080 new diagnosed cases of cancer just within the past year. This includes, but not limited to 1,360 cases of breast cancer and 520 cases of bladder cancer. The estimated number of deaths in NH during 2018 from many forms of cancer is 2,810. These statistics are real, and they are alarming. NH State Representative Mindi Messmer has been working day in and day out to fight for clean drinking water, a clean environment and cancer prevention across the state of NH.

We regulate only a small subset of chemicals we know are in our drinking water. Currently, for each toxin, the current approach says its okay for one adult out of a million to get cancer. This approach has given New Hampshire the highest cancer rates in the country, Messmer stated.

Messmer is just about to finish off her two years as a NH State Representative and is also a former Congressional candidate. Mindi is known for blowing the whistle on a Centers for Disease Control (CDC)-defined double cancer cluster in a 5-town area of the New Hampshire seacoast and for her advocacy for drinking water protection, chronic disease and cancer prevention.

Mindi is a founding member of New Hampshire Safe Water Alliance, a national organization to educate and advocate for environmental protection and also serves on the steering committee for 350NH, a grassroots movement in NH dedicated to stopping climate and saving our economy.

Climate Change, Drinking Water Protection and Cancer Prevention are issues that are bigger than an election or working on them at the state level. They are national issues. Mindi is committed to continuing to fight to prevent cancer in NH and protect our environment and our drinking water.

As a young adult, I know Climate Change is real. I have seen the consequences of contaminated drinking water and the unfortunate medical diagnosis that are being given to those who I love. I have witnessed those I love become diagnosed with or pass away with cancer. NH citizens can no longer wait to have a seat at the table. I feel fortunate to have environmental scientists such as Mindi Messmer advocating and fighting for the health and well-being of NH Citizens.

Mackenzie Murphy