To the Editor:

Kudos to the editorial “Take the Bully Pulpit. Buy the Davis land” — it was cogent and well-reasoned — unfortunately, also four years too late. The Weekly and virtually everyone else capitulated to the short term interests of the music auditorium and backlash from the failed police station/connector road and failed the long term interests of the town yet again.

When the referendum of 2014 was held, I was the only member of the Board of Selectmen to endorse the land purchase for the following reasons:

1) The Davis land presented the town with the opportunity to preserve high quality recreation land in parallel with the First Parish desire to conserve their forest land. The two pieces together would have formed a unique block of unbroken forest in an otherwise urbanizing town. We have no public parks of any size in the east-of-the-highway growth area.

2) The avoided cost of services alternative development would demand. The planned second egress at the Donica/Raydon corner will destroy those streets’ neighborhood scale and value. The traffic created will not be mitigated by adding a left turn lane at Raydon and Route 1, resulting in more chaos on beleaguered Route 1.

3) Massive wildlife displacement will send our urban deer herd into Village yards and streets.

4) Opportunity costs: Future amenities beyond current calculations include the possibility of a small cluster development of worker housing for teachers, police, fire and medical behind the Village Elementary School. Also foreclosed is the chance to create a high school forest campus to replace the future-drowned high school at the current site.

When will the Weekly acknowledge that analogous costs and opportunities exist within already public land in York Beach — the connector road/Blinn land fiasco — and so editorialize?

Torbert H. Macdonald