To the Editor:

In response to your editorial of Nov. 27, "Take the bully pulpit. Buy the Davis land," I would like to offer the following. I am the project engineer and represent the Davis family.

You are correct, the Davis family has been very generous to the town of York. They would very much like to see this property left as open space or for use as recreational space. To that end they have offered it to the town, delaying the development while the town reviewed its options. They have made both public and private offerings to that end. Each time they have been rebuffed, leaving the development option as their only alternative.

The Davis family very much supports the sale to the town at a competitive price. Time is of the essence. The current plan is to start the development this spring. If the town is to move forward with this option they need to act quickly.

As we move through the approval process we will continue to respond to public comments and make this project as nice as possible. The Davis family very much wants to make the project successful for all.

Thomas S. Greer, P.E.