Nov. 9 — To The Editor:

During my time in the state senate, I had multiple opportunities to nominate Bill Gardner for Secretary of State when the House and Senate came together to elect constitutional officers. Bill is a democrat and I am a republican, but politics never entered into it. Bill has held the respect of both parties due to his fairness and his ability to run the office that deals with elections (among other things) in a completely non-partisan way.

Bill Gardner is a modest and frugal public servant who has exhibited great wisdom and fortitude over the years while making tough decisions based on principle, conviction and strict adherence to the state constitution and the statutes created by the legislature. He works every day to protect the rights of voters and to create an environment where New Hampshire’s voter turnout consistently ranks among the highest in the nation. Along with others in both parties, Bill has been instrumental in protecting New Hampshire’s First-in-the-Nation Presidential Primary. The 100th anniversary of that event occurs in 2020, less than a year-and-a-half away.

With all of his admirable qualities, proven track record, and character as solid as New Hampshire granite, Bill Gardner would be a major contender to replace the “Old Man of the Mountain.” However, I would be just as pleased to have him continue serving as our esteemed Secretary of State.

John “Jack” Barnes, Jr.