To the Editor:

Response to "Ogunquit again in turmoil":

The statement: “This tumult is led by a group of people dissatisfied with a decision (termination of the fire chief) by the town manager and three Select Board members that didn't meet with their approval," is false. The truth: people were upset with the lack of due process in that decision. Progressive disciplinary action never occurred. That made people upset.

The recall effort began when elected officials did not follow lawful due process. The allegation of “unchallenged power” and control is another falsehood. I participated in town committees since 1980. No one controlled the committees. Committees were respected, unlike today, when an organization espousing participation as their purpose, second guesses most town committees. They conduct small surveys which are nothing short of misleading and useless. Sometimes, those accusing others of being power hungry are in effect, guilty themselves.

The biggest fallacy, the obsession with the former town manager. Who "refused to accept his departure"? That accusation is absurd. It is time to move on as the issue of the former town manager has been settled.

Another falsehood, Take Back Ogunquit was created to “reinstate their power.” Whose power? When the current Select Board chair and the town manager promised copies of nine RFP's for the beach restrooms, when a FOAA request was never answered, instead of reinstating anyone's “power” it is to remove those from power who shirk their fiduciary responsibility. Three Select Board members regularly rubber stamp the town manager. One hardly speaks but goes along with the other two. The three to two approval of a contract to the only company to submit a proposal out of an alleged nine to whom RFP's were sent does raise legitimate questions. Every taxpayer in Ogunquit should be asking those questions, including the triad of Mooney, Winn and Waite.

Take Back Ogunquit is following due process in this recall effort. People have noticed.

Ben Hershenson