LEE A cat stuck in a tree for days in the Earl Drive neighborhood was rescued on Friday afternoon, according to a neighbor.

Julie Butterfield, a neighbor of the cat's owners, reported the pet named Cinders was rescued by a local tree service about 2 p.m.

"He went out in his bucket truck and reached up there, about 75 feet, and they got the cat," Butterfield said.

Butterfield reported that Cinders is now safe with a neighbor. Cinders' owner, Mike Cross, earlier on Friday said he has been reaching out to several tree services to retrieve the cat and was prepared to pay for the rescue. Lee's Fire Department doesn't have a ladder truck, and Cross didn't want to request one from another town's Fire Department.

"I'd feel bad if a truck was used for my cat while there was a fire somewhere else," Cross said. "I don't think that would be appropriate to ask."

Cross was unavailable for comment immediately after the cat was rescued.

Butterfield said the tree service owner wished to remain anonymous, and performed the service free of charge.

Before Cinders was rescued, one onlooker observed the tree's branches do not begin until about 30 feet up the trunk, leaving the onlooker to wonder how the cat got up there.

Cinders has a history of climbing trees and getting into precarious situations, according to Cross.

"This is the third time she's found herself stuck in a tree," Cross said. "The last time I just climbed up and got her myself."

Neighbors had become concerned with inclement weather, including rain and wind gusts, forecast for tonight and Saturday.