Nov. 2 — To the Editor:

After reading so many letters about the infamous bicycle lanes on parts of Middle Street and Lafayette Road, I feel that not enough has been said on the subject.

Over the past eighteen years, since I moved to 25 Lafayette Road, I have been walking, pushing strollers, bicycling and kick-biking without ever feeling endangered. The roads were wide with plenty of room for cars, pedestrians and cyclists.

The arrival of much touted bicycle lanes, that come from nowhere and goes nowhere, has me both angered and mystified! This is not a “bicycle lane” but some expensive graphic designs on a major public artery of Portsmouth. The actual bike lanes are located mostly within drains gate paths that are dangerous and now filled with leaves and slippery.

For safety reasons to avoid the drains, I see bicycles outside the bicycle lanes.

The white transversal lines and bollards are not protecting anyone. They are creating an extremely narrow roadway in a well traveled area that serves trucks, fire vehicles, ambulances and delivery vehicles. On “trash day” nobody knows where to leave their trash for pick up – on the curb, on the bicycle lane or on the roadway? After trash collection on windy days, trash barrels are seen rolling everywhere blocking car traffic, pedestrians and cyclists.

Why on Earth did anyone design such unsightly graffiti on a beautiful entrance to Portsmouth? Parking problems are amplified by the disappearance of on street parking for many residents, including myself. The mail man is jammed between the sidewalk and bike lane. Delivery trucks and repair trucks do the same.

In a time of lowering taxes and fiscal constraint was there a need for this expensive project?

I love cycling and ride every day, but I see no need for this expensive farce.

Colette Foley