Nov. 2 To the Editor:

I was amazed as I hope others were in the Nov. 2 Herald front page article on some type of arbitrator deal with fired police officer Aaron Goodwin. Although at the moment the details are hidden in some legal ruckus, in this opinion not one penny of taxpayer money should go to him in any manner and if it does, again in amazement, it should have full public exposure.

More justified is the thought that Mr. Goodwin should be getting a bill from the city for the money already spent for the event that caused his termination and the controversy that followed. With thoughts to the matter a little further it also exposes the union contracts that exist with the city have provisions which allow this matter to continue and the city's taxpayer dollar hired attorney let this provisions exist. I don't think the city is getting the best legal negotiated value out of Mr. Closson in what he is paid for this service and maybe it's time to go looking for someone who can legally combat this travesty. I also hope that the police commission can weigh this in a position that can be exposed and explained to the public in some rational explanation. Commissioner (Jim) Splaine has always been a champion of open process and information to the public. This matter surely deserves it and we'll all be standing by for what follows!

Erik Anderson