To the Editor:

A heartfelt thanks to all the people from near and far who contributed to the success of the fifth annual Pumpkin Patch. We could not have done it without you!

Friends and neighbors joined forces getting the word out, providing pallets and wagons, a forklift and driver, a bright orange Pumpkin Mobile and aprons to match, and festive decorations. A human chain of volunteers unloaded the pumpkins in record time and then shared lunch on the lawn. Other volunteers sold pumpkins, each sale providing vital support for the Native American growers and those who benefit from First Parish Church’s missions and ministries locally, regionally, and internationally. Over transactions, stories were shared, friendships forged, and traditions passed on. Other volunteers worked behind the scenes in a variety of roles not the least of which were squirrel relocation and pumpkin recycling.


Richard Leigh, Chris Briley, Bob and Joanne Myers