NEWMARKET— Two young twenty-something artists recently opened Newmarket’s latest fine arts gallery. Bad Tree Fine Arts is now open on Main Street with a passion for giving unrecognized artists a platform to showcase their newest artwork.

The small gallery is co-owned and run by Michael Valotto and Lauren Moore, two Newmarket locals with artistic backgrounds and a love for creativity. Moore, who is 27, is a web designer and integration specialist for her day job, but also explores web and graphic design along with co-owning Bad Tree. Valotto, 24, studies Journalism at the University of New Hampshire as well as volunteers within the community and is a self-taught painter.

“I paint huge. I paint abstraction. I paint surrealism,” said Valotto, continuing that he was beginning to lose his patience with other galleries that he had previously tried to worked with. He explained that being located in New Hampshire makes it more difficult to market certain artwork than it would be in a larger city like Boston or New York. This inspired Valotto to start his own gallery. “I’m not saying there is no clientele for such work, but I decided to cut out the middleman and become the art dealer.”

 “I've always felt drawn to the creative community, music and art, and opening Bad Tree felt right,” said Moore, who explained that her creativity really comes out in the digital world. She has a background in multiple fields, including activism and journalism, but says that she has a passion for creating platforms where others can excel. “It’s a tangible space where under-represented artists in our community can shine.”

Bad Tree Fine Arts currently features four artists from different mediums; Jim Brown, a professional craftsman based out of Portland, Maine, who handcrafts artistically styled wooden furniture; Kyle Stockford, a painter based out of Massachusetts who has recently been invited to create paintings for the Inside Out Art Museum in Beijing, China; Alonzo Clarke, a Newmarket local with a degree in Studio Art who discovered his medium of painting watercolor depicted scenes after taking a watercolor class as an adult, and co-owner Michael Valotto who mainly works with oil on canvas.

“I see the space as a means for talented individuals who have yet to establish themselves with a gallery to have the chance to showcase their work,” said Valotto, who continued to say that Bad Tree is a gallery built to represent the underdog artists who are willing to grow as an art collective rather than individually. Bad Tree wants to serve as a platform for serious artists at the beginning of their career.

The gallery is a membership gallery, where featured artists can rent wall space to showcase their work. And the gallery is always looking for new artists to showcase.

Valotto and Moore both expressed interest in getting more involved with the local community as the gallery grows, wanting to host more art-based events and get the UNH community involved as well, possibly showcasing student artists or incorporating those with an interest in curation, event coordination and directing.

Bad Tree Fine Arts is having its grand opening event on Saturday, Oct. 13 from 6 to 9 p.m., where people can come meet the owners, check out the featured artists, listen to live music and enjoy snacks and community mingling.

For more information, find Bad Tree Fine Arts on instagram @badtreefinearts, on Facebook or at

Go & Do

What: Bad Tree Fine Arts grand opening

When: 6 to 9 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 13

Where: 102 Main St., Newmarket

Admission: Free and open to the public

More info: Visit or call 603-292-5438