PORTSMOUTH — City Manager John Bohenko is expected to ask the City Council on Monday night to schedule first reading of a proposed new city ordinance to regulate the use of rented scooters and bicycles in the city.

Bohenko has suggested creating the ordinance to regulate what city officials are calling “Shared Active Transportation” before the practice becomes a problem in Portsmouth.

Bohenko previously said he wants to have the City Council pass the ordinance to avoid facing the types of problems some larger cities in California have faced when dealing with the issue. Bohenko recently told the city’s Parking and Traffic Safety Committee that “a company came into a larger city and plopped down 300 of these scooters.”

“You have the app and you put it on your credit card and you get the scooter. And then you get to where you’re going, you put it there and then leave,” Bohenko told the committee.

That has created “quite a problem” in the cities where it’s happened, he said, because people end up leaving the scooters or bicycles “in the middle of the sidewalks.”

“I’d like to get ahead of it," he said. "One day they could all show up here and then we’d have to deal with it."

Committee member Stephen Pesci credited the city “for getting out ahead of this because it is a huge problem when they just show up overnight.”

“It’s just like a plague descending,” Pesci said at the recent meeting when the scooters, which are typically ones that people stand up on, arrive overnight in a city.

Bohenko reached out to city staff, who are “mindful of the need for enabling legislation allowing the municipality to take any particular action,” he said in a memo to the City Council about drafting the ordinance.

“We also believed that the simpler regulation might be the better regulation for both adoption and enforcement purposes,” Bohenko said in the memo.

Keys to the ordinance would include the concept of broadly defining “all of the types of Shared Active Transportation which the city would propose to regulate by this ordinance,” he said.

“The ordinance would prescribe that all vehicles used in shared active transportation may be parked when unattended only in specific areas designated by the city,” Bohenko told the council.

In addition, the ordinance should contain an enforcement provision, Bohenko said.

That provision should state that “any Shared Active Transportation vehicle left unattended in any place other than permitted by the ordinance will be removed from the street by the city and there will be a penalty required to be paid by the owner of the vehicle before the vehicle would be returned,” Bohenko said.

The City Council’s regular meeting is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Monday in City Council Chambers in City Hall.