Sept. 14 — To the Editor:

It looks like there will be many more tourist helicopters coming our way, unless we do something. Anyone who is concerned about the noise problem created by the tourist helicopters may want to attend the next meeting of the Pease Development Authority Board. This meeting is scheduled for Thursday September 20, 8 AM, at 55 International Drive at Pease. (Note the inconvenient 8 AM meeting time.) The helicopter operator is planning to expand his operation with a large new building at Pease in two construction phases. Just the first phase of construction “can accommodate twice as many aircraft” (Pease Quarterly, Spring 2018). We’re concerned that this is likely to result in even more frequent tourist helicopter flights over the Seacoast.

The PDA Board will probably try to approve this expansion at the Sept. 20 meeting. This meeting will include a public hearing, and the public is invited to attend and speak. If you're concerned about the continuing helicopter noise problem, this is one of the few chances to speak to the PDA Board - people who may actually be able to make some progress with this situation.

John Stephenson