Aug. 9 -- To the Editor:

Mainers of heart and conscience must be horrified at today’s gubernatorial polling revelation of a “dead heat” between Democrat Janet Mills and Republican Shawn Moody. Most disturbing is the 6 percent shared by the two Independent candidates. Are we going to be—God and voter forbid--LePage’d again?!

I’m an independent voter registered as a Democrat. There are many millions of us in this country. Clearly, the odds against Independent candidates are not only insurmountable in this Maine race but also dangerously divisive again. Why would a Maine voter, who cares about the life and future of our state, risk giving another four or more years to a man promising to continue the LePage legacy? We respect idealism. Most of us share it. But we beg that you respect reality. Please, Independent candidates and voters, look to Nov. 7, “the day after” an election that will govern a million-plus Mainers; that could turn us around and undo nearly a decade of damage done by this Governor and his legacy-lovers; that could bring health, hope and life back to our beautiful state.

Will it be your “independence” that helps this to happen or causes the unthinkable? Independents, like the rest of us, are counted and contribute to our communities and state. Spoiler candidates and those deliberately deep-sixing a vote that elects another “Worst Governor” leaves no good mark.

Carol Selsberg

Eliot, Maine