Aug. 11 -- To the Editor:

We have an outstanding roster of Democrats running for our 1st congressional seat. Unfortunately, the local party has announced their preference and may skew the primary. I wish they had waited and thrown their weight behind the chosen candidate. Chris Pappas is now on the Executive Council - a very important role for challenging the Governor. I would like to see him remain there since it is likely that the current governor will get 2 more years.

Given the incredible actions of the current President and his billionaire cabinet, it is imperative that we send to Washington someone with the experience of that jungle so they can hit the ground running.

We have two candidates who know Washington thoroughly. They are Naomi Andrews, Carol Shea-Porterís right hand woman, and Maura Sullivan, ex Marine, combat veteran and member of Obamaís administration. Both of these women can walk into Congress on Day One and be able to work for the causes we believe in. Both have extensive experience in leadership and in policy and the ability to work with others to get things done. This is exactly what we need in Washington.

For me, the guiding issue on selecting our candidate is the ability to be effective in Washington in one of the most ineffective Congresses we have ever had the misfortune to see. We need to send strong leadership, determination and experience to Washington. Please consider Naomi Andrews and Maura Sullivan - the only 2 candidates with that experience and those qualities.

Linda Cunningham