July 12 ó To the Editor:

I am a resident of Gilford, NH and a Radiologist working for the last 20 years at Lakes Region General Hospital.

Iím wholeheartedly supporting Mindi Messmer, an environmental scientist, to represent NH in Congressional District 1, to fill Carol Shea-Porterís seat. Mindi has an exceptional track record of service as a State Representative in the NH legislature. Her vision of clean air and water at home and abroad is accompanied by her determination to never give up until this Ė or any other - problem is solved. In the NH Legislature Mindi has used her scientific knowledge to effect real progress with bipartisan co-operation. Mindi will continue to use scientific facts and her personal persuasion skills to enlist bipartisan support for legislation in Congress. While her expertise is in environmental science, she will be a tireless advocate for other issues as well, including womenís rights and campaign finance reform.

Mindi is not taking PAC money or special interest money. She is relying on individual contributions. It makes the work that much harder but is the right thing to do. Mindi knows that a principled approach necessitates a true grassroots campaign involving many people.

There are other high-profile candidates including an executive councilor who are taking money from outside organizations and who boast that 70 percent of their money are coming from NH residents. Wow, 70 percent! A solid gentlemanís ďCĒ.

Well I say we can do better. Much better. There are only two candidates for CD-1 who are not taking any PAC money and Mindi is one of them. Mindi is an incredible hard worker and a fighter. Letís send Mindi to Washington to fight for all of us!

Michael Dowe