July 12 — To The Editor:

With no warning or planning this administration’s “zero tolerance” policy was hastily implemented last April. Over 650 children, 102 of them under age 5, were separated from their parents. The court-ordered attempt to reunite families revealed chaos and government dysfunction. Health and Human Services doesn’t know which children are involved or who or where their parents are. Records were either not properly kept or deleted. Some parents were deported without their children. Was this an inability to foresee predictable consequences, administrative incompetence, or simply lack of concern for the welfare of children?

I submit that it is part of an ongoing pattern of governance by chaos, whim and tweet. There was the chaos at ports of entry due to the first immigration ban subsequently found unconstitutional. Business and economists have warned that tariffs and a trade war will lose more jobs than it will produce and hamper their ability to plan. Appointing “all the best people” has resulted in a chaotic White House with the biggest turnover in the shortest time in history and one scandal after another.

Our Negotiator-in-Chief is meeting with two of the shrewdest and most corrupt dictators in the world while dismissing any need for state department briefings, advice from experienced negotiators and allies, or overall strategy. Intuition, charm or bullying, and the art of the deal has worked so well for Trump that he has gone bankrupt six times. He or his company have been involved in over 3,500 legal cases and were the defendants in over 1,450 of them.

The framers of the Constitution envisioned three equal branches of government to provide balance and restraint. The Republicans in Congress have abdicated their responsibilities and abandoned all principles in their pursuit of tax cuts and deregulation.

 How are you sleeping at night with this person at the helm with no adults setting limits on his reckless behavior?

 Cynthia Muse