To the Editor:

I am urging readers to vote for Naomi Andrews as our representative in Congress in the Sept. 11 Democratic primary.

Ms Andrews has served our District in Congress for ten years as Carol Shea-Porterís chief of staff, and she has the experience, energy and personal network to produce results. Usually there is a long learning curve for new Representatives, but Naomi would be ready on Day One with in-depth knowledge of Congressional procedures and people.

Naomi is an Epping native from a working family, with strong progressive values that I think are New Hampshire to the core. She is strong on making education affordable, on ensuring fair pay for hourly workers, on womenís rights, and on access to health care. Details of Naomiís positions are at Independents: you can change affiliation on voting day.

Naomi has the courage to speak up when she sees injustice, such as the recent scenes of children locked up without their parents. The current administration is on a path that will do irreparable harm to our countryís unity as a Republic and its standing in the world as a beacon for rule-of-law. We can count on Naomiís voice to be heard and for her to mobilize her network in Congress to take an effective stand to get us back on track. We would be proud to have her speak for New Hampshire and real American values.

John Haberle, Exeter