No Place Like Home, a volunteer organization assisting seniors in Kennebunk, is hosting a "Meet and Greet" on Tuesday, July 17 from 4:30 to 6 p.m. The event is for volunteers and those curious about how they could help.

The organization is supporting our older adults who would like help to stay in their homes and to stay engaged with the community. Volunteers will do small tasks around the home and are now offering rides around town to seniors for non-medical activities. Volunteers help moving furniture, putting in lightbulbs, promoting the program, and recruiting new volunteers, among many other things. If you are a senior who would like assistance, or if you would like to help support our caring community, so our older adults do not get forgotten, contact No Place Like Home. To attend the "Meet & Greet” or to become a volunteer please call 207-558-2270 or email