SANFORD — There’s a new sports bar in Sanford, and its owners are hoping it’ll help spark a wave of entertainment offerings that’ll transform the downtown into a destination.

Mill Towne Tavern opened in the lower level of the Mid-Town Mall on Main Street on Friday, June 22. Lucas Lanigan, who owns the establishment with his friend, Billy Bruno, has a clear vision of the clientele he hopes to serve: everyone from the local professionals, who want to stop by after work to catch part of a game and socialize with friends, to the late-night crowd looking to show up after 11 p.m. and enjoy dancing and drinks.

“We really want to be for all walks of life,” Lanigan explained during a recent interview at the place.

Mill Towne Tavern — located in the space formerly occupied by The Green Room, which closed a few weeks ago — has six pool tables, nine widescreen televisions, a projection screen, a jukebox, an area cleared for dancing, and seats and tables at which to sit and eat. Those nine TVs give the bar its sports theme, as they’ll always be tuned to a game, no matter what the season — baseball, football, hockey, basketball, and, in the case of the morning of the interview with Lanigan, soccer.

The bar is fully stocked.

“I would say that we might have the best drinks selection in town,” Lanigan said. “We’re specializing in some whiskeys and some scotches. We’re doing a craft beer selection — we’re adding eight more taps, so we’ll have 16 taps, total. We’ll be adding some more local breweries to the tap selection . . . just trying to keep it local.”

Right now, the sports bar offers food prepared in self-contained units. Lanigan said he and Bruno are looking into expanding their space to include a full kitchen.

“We have a light menu right now — flatbread pizzas, panini sandwiches, and then some fried foods,” Lanigan said. “We want to be a full-kitchen tavern with a full menu.”

Lanigan stated that adding tables and chairs outdoors, along the façade of the sports bar, is also in the game plan.

Mill Towne Tavern is open from 4 p.m. to midnight on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. The place is closed on Tuesdays and Sundays. Its hours make the tavern one of the few places in Sanford to stay open as late as midnight.

Opening night was successful, with more than 400 patrons stopping by and dancing and socializing, according to Lanigan. The Wintry Mix, a local band, provided live entertainment that night.

“We had great support from our community on opening night,” Lanigan said. “It was amazing.”

Lanigan, the deputy mayor of Sanford, also is the executive director of the Nasson Community Center in Springvale and the co-owner of Event Lighting Concepts, based in Eliot. He also moonlights as a deejay — something he used to do at The Green Room, in addition to other venues.

Bruno owns the Raz’n Cash Pawn Shop at 840 Main St. in Sanford.

Lanigan said he was not necessarily looking to open a sports bar but decided to take the plunge with Bruno following the recent closings of four other places in Sanford where people gathered to enjoy a meal and socialize: Spectator’s on Route 4; Mill 67 on Washington Street; Backstreet Grill on School Street; and The Green Room.

Lanigan said he felt even more compelled to open the Mill Towne Tavern when he would hear locals say that they go to such communities as Portland and elsewhere for entertainment.

“What that tells me is that we don’t have the right entertainment for them,” Lanigan said. “Entertainment value is key to attracting people to your community. When they’re looking for a place to live . . . they want to know that there are places for them to enjoy and spend their entertainment dollars without having to travel all the time.”

On Wednesday nights, the tavern offers rounds of Bar Pong, with cash, Red Sox tickets and other items as prizes. Sign-ups on these evenings start at 9:30 p.m.

Friday nights bring a different theme each week — maybe country music one night, for example, and then Karaoke the next, and then a live band, and so on.

On Saturdays, there will always be a deejay playing “oldies and new stuff,” according to Lanigan, and there’ll be music videos on a large screen too.

The name of Mill Towne Tavern is an effort to rebrand the spot, Lanigan said. The logo on the windows facing the parking lot shows one of Goodall’s mills during its heyday, complete with billows slipping out of the smokestack. Such an image calls to mind Sanford’s past and its future, given the renovation and reopening of The Sanford Mill at the corner of Washington Street and Pioneer Avenue and the commercial potential for its neighboring structures.

“We’re a mill town,” Lanigan said. “Our roots are that we’re a mill town. Believe it or not, I’m not sure why this area gets such a bad stigma. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of our city, I feel. We look out over the falls. Gateway Park is right in front of us. We look out over the beautiful mill district. We just felt (the name) reflects who we are as a community.”

Lanigan said that he hopes Mill Towne Tavern helps unleash the downtown’s potential.

“We really believe that this area is going to be a major development area and a hot spot for other restaurants and bars to come in,” he said. “We really hope that we help spark an entertainment and social atmosphere down here.”

Lanigan said that such an atmosphere could lead to the revitalization of the entire downtown, a goal the city has been working toward for years.

“It takes time,” Lanigan said.