Artist Matt Gunn grew up in Portsmouth, N.H., and has lived all his life in the coastal New Hampshire and southern Maine area - finding inspiration for his art through his extensive travels and time spent as a fireman, forester, fisherman, and landscape designer. It’s though the lens of a lifetime spent in keen observance of the world around him that Gunn produces his colorful folksy works. “I've simply always drawn and painted,” explained Gunn. “My mother studied art history in college and I grew up with the books. Now, as an adult, I've had the great good fortune to travel extensively and see much of that work in person. I suspect that, and the simple joy of painting, is why I've begun painting again.”

Gunn’s collection can be viewed in the Veranda Room at Clay Hill Farm in Cape Neddick through August 8. More information on the artist and the project mission is available on Clay Hill Farm’s website, “To celebrate the natural beauty of relationships through nature, art and community has always been one of the philosophical cornerstones of our family business,” said Jennifer Lewis, co-owner of Clay Hill Farm and co-founder of the #VerandArt Project. “To be able to bring people together that share that passion is such an honor- Clay Hill Farm is all about experience.”

To honor Ogunquit’s long-standing history as an artists’ colony and showcase the local artists in the community today, Clay Hill Farm launched the new #VerandArt Project this past spring. Every 6-8 weeks a local artist is featured at Clay Hill Farm - their collection hung in the Veranda Room for the public to view and enjoy. Details for this new artist outreach program can be found on Clay Hill Farm’s website at Local artist Amy Kelly of Talespinstudio in Ogunquit is the curator of the project. "From the perspective of a 30-year reflection, it feels like a resurgence of what once was in the art community - an excitement is evolving that's noticeable," says Kelly. "Art in these times is a healing salve that we can use every day - it's living in the solution, and we love being a part of that."