June 12

7:28 a.m.: Pearl Street resident said someone went through his and his girlfriend's unlocked cars overnight and change was stolen. Three other residents of the area reported items stolen from their parked cars.

7:34 a.m.: Assisted with a crash on Lafayette Road.

8:23 a.m.: Assisted on Interstate 95 with a truck fire.

8:39 a.m.: Multiple callers reported a sign in the Route 1 Bypass.

10:14 a.m.: 911 caller reported a woman passed out at at a Lafayette Road location, then woke up and began fighting with employees. Determined it was a medical problem.

11:10 .m.: Assisted on Chapel Street where a van crashed into a pole.

12:09 p.m.: Caller complained about an aggressive driver who gave her "the finger."

12:13 p.m.: Responded to Middle Road for a call about three men looking into windows at businesses.

12:23 p.m.: Responded to a veterinary clinic where staff said a customer threatened to kill everyone because of a dispute about a cat.

12:39 p.m.: Responded to Islington Street for a call about a man making staff uncomfortable.

1:57 p.m.: Assisted on Islington Street where someone was having a medical emergency.

2:35 p .m.: Caller reported a dog in a parked vehicle, then said it left.

3:14 p.m.: Assisted on Parrott Avenue with a minor crash.

3:34 p.m.: Responded to the library for a call about a couple making complaints about each other.

4:24 p.m. Investigated a report about a woman who put her hands on a child in a Lafayette Road store.

4:27 p.m.: Driver cited for having two children in a car on the traffic circle who were not in car seats. The driver had a friend bring two car seats to the scene, but they were too big. The driver said she would go to a store and got proper car seats.

4:38 p.m.: Investigated a report about a teen on a bridge, but no one was there.

4:51 p.m.: Caller complained a mechanic would not return an old part, the caller was advised it was a civil, not criminal matter.

5:05 p.m.: Responded to Lafayette Road for a call about an unwanted man.

5:14 pm.: Assisted firefighters on Brewery Lane with a dumpster fire.

5:16 p.m.: Caller reported a threatening voicemail.

5:27 p.m.: Responded to an apartment where residents were arguing about covering a plant.

5:39 p.m.: Report taken about a workplace assault.

6:09 p.m.: Towed a car left on a street for three months.

6:21 p.m.: Caller reported swarming bees at a Lafayette Road location, but police did not see any.

6:42 p.m.: Report taken about two bicycles stolen from a Court Street location.

8:41 p.m.: Gosling Road motel staff reported two guests who appeared to be under the influence of drugs.

9:40 p.m.: Report taken about the window on a vehicle smashed while parked on Brewery Lane.

June 13

12:06 a.m.: Checked a building where a door was found open.

1:21 a.m.: Assisted at the parking garage where a transient male was having chest pains.