To the Editor:

If that woman had ran her vehicle over a "police officer," she'd have been shot dead or at least charged and convicted of "murder." But, because the victim was just a "citizen," she's only charged with "manslaughter," and will probably get that dismissed, and they'll call it "an unfortunate accident."

We're stupid if we believe we have "equal justice for all" in our perverted justice system.

The driver went into an area where she should not be driving a vehicle. Drives carelessly, aggressively, and probably angrily, and kills another person, and is only charged with "manslaughter." It's an example of how lax and weak the law is on killing with a motor vehicle. The victim is just as dead as if gunned down with an "assault rifle." Why aren't those "March for our lives" zealots attacking this kind of killing?

Herman Lenz

Sumner, Iowa