EXETER — Local restaurant Blue Moon Evolution in partnership with Victoria Arlen is putting a new drink on the menu that not only has exceptional taste but helps out an exceptional cause.

Victoria's Victory cocktail, a bright pink martini with Tito's Handmade Vodka and organic basil and strawberry, will be on the drink menu through August. Blue Moon Evolution, with a match from Tito's Vodka, will donate 10 percent of the proceeds of the drink to Victoria's Victory Foundation, a nonprofit founded by the local Paralympian swimmer and "Dancing with the Stars" contestant.

“Anytime someone purchases this cocktail they can learn about the foundation if they don't already know about it and we are going to have proceeds donated back to the foundation,” said Susan Stover, executive director of Victoria's Victory Foundation.

The foundation offers scholarships for people with mobility issues who need assistance in the form of wheelchairs, handicap accessible vehicles, access to training and recovery facilities and more with the goal of helping people recover both physically and emotionally.

“We were talking about helping a family get a handicap vehicle just so the person can get to and from training and recovery sessions, that vehicle starts at $40,000,” Stover said, adding other applications for grants they receive are for wheelchairs that can cost $15,000 to $30,000.

Stover said Victoria's Victory Foundation depends on sponsorships, donations and fundraisers.

“[Arlen's] mission is to help as many people as possible because people just don't realize the struggles of living with a disability,” she said. “There's a lot that goes behind the scenes whether it's emotional support, physical support and the costs for somebody if they either had an accident or an illness like Victoria's.”

The foundation's work is personal for Arlen, 23, who was in a vegetative state for four years after she was diagnosed with two rare conditions, transverse myelitis and acute disseminated encephalomyelitis when she was 11.

Since then, she has gone through hours of physical rehabilitation to re-learn how to eat, speak and walk. Her work paid off when in 2012 she competed in the London Paralympic Games, winning one gold and three silver medals and setting world records in swimming. She is also the youngest on-air employee hired by ESPN and was recently on the 25th season of "Dancing with the Stars."

“My mission, because I've been given this second chance at life, is to give other people that chance and give other people the chance to fly as well,” Arlen said. “I know I'm very fortunate and blessed beyond words is kind of an understatement, but my job now is to be a blessing to others.”

“These things don't happen every day, so for our community to have this opportunity is a great thing for all of us,” Kath Gallant owner of Blue Moon Evolution said of working with the foundation.

Gallant first met Arlen at a local event they were both invited to speak at in 2016 called Learn, Play, Win, which focused on educating parents and students about athletic recruitment, but knew the Arlen family as regulars at the restaurant.

“I asked her, what carried you through those really hard times? And she said, ‘gratitude,'” Gallant said. “I admired her for holding that gratitude and then to just watch what happened to her world, she blew my mind because on top of carrying herself with gratitude, she's broken through the barriers of what we think we can do physically and mentally."

Arlen is getting ready for the release of her book, “Locked In: The Will to Survive and the Resolve to Live.” The foundation is gearing up for its Costumes for a Cause celebration Oct. 27 at the Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center, which will also be sponsored by Tito's Vodka.

“There's a lot we want to do,” Arlen said. “I really hope we encourage others from all walks of life from all over to get involved and help someone, help your neighbor, and give people those wings. I hope a year from now we're continuing to make a difference and inspire others to keep fighting and keep going.”

Stover encourages people to come to events and get involved with the foundation by donating through the website or text the word GIVE to (617) 622-5506.