Sept. 29 — To the Editor:

On Sunday, Sept. 25 the Portsmouth Herald wrote in an editorial that they hope a citizen lawsuit filed against the city of Portsmouth re: Wastewater plant FAILS. I found that statement to be rather strong.

Why are sixteen Portsmouth citizens filing a citizen suit against the city Of Portsmouth re Clean Water Act? I asked that question of several named in the suit.

I determined from what I heard that we should all (especially taxpayers) pay more attention to their cause.

The suit claims (among other things) that the plant currently under construction is not designed to treat sewerage to the demands of the Clean Water Act. Why would we spend all this money if we were not getting it right from the start?

The city of Portsmouth has delayed this sewerage issue for almost 20 years. It is disheartening for me to learn how dirty our river and estuaries and bay have become. We should all be up in arms. It is time that all citizens of Portsmouth stand up and ask why this proposed plant is not going to do the job it is supposed to do.

Once the citizens’ suit under the Clean Water Act is filed in just under sixty days, a federal judge will preside over the case. Meanwhile, I am concerned that the city is pulling the wool over all of our eyes by putting a Band-Aid on a gushing well of sewage.

I say let’s get it ‘right’ from the start. We need to clean up our water.

Mary Krempels