Sept. 21 — To the Editor:

I am a social Democrat and I will vote for Hillary Clinton. Because she has worked her whole life to help others.

I grew up in Europe and voted for social Democrats in my native Croatia. I want justice for people with fewer resources than I am fortunate to have and people who are different from dominant white straight Christian men. As a psychologist, I know past behavior is best predictor of future behavior and I want a president who chose to work for the Children’s Defense Fund after law school, helped create children’s health insurance program as First Lady, helped 9/11 survivors as Senator, and made gender equality a U.S. foreign policy priority as Secretary of State. I want a president who is willing and able to learn from mistakes, like what Hillary did after her failed health reform. That is the person I can trust.

People criticize Hillary and President Bill Clinton for getting involved in conflicts abroad. For me, it is personal. President Clinton helped end the wars in former Yugoslavia, where I grew up. My friends were refugees and I spent much of my junior year in high school in bomb shelters. I am grateful for President Clinton’s help.

I want a president who is respected in the world. I want a president who will carefully consider each decision. I want a president who does not show absolute consistency through the years, but who is open to growing. I want a president who showed strength and persistence through personal and professional pain. I want a president with demonstrated commitment to help people. That person is Hillary Clinton.

Living in N.H., I had a privilege of seeing Hillary Clinton in person. She made me feel like I was in the presence of greatness. The world already thinks that. I hope we Americans will too.

Zorana Ivcevic Pringle